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May 1st:
We left Saturday via Tiger. Yeah yeah we know everyone told us on Tiger you pay for everything. EVERYTHING.
Seats, booking fee, taxes, meals.. bla bl..a so we decided it was still cheaper by a small margin.
So what they do, is run you through customs, confiscate your water, sit you in the drying out room for half an hour, load you onto a hot plane then keep you waiting till you're a few km up. By then you're starting to shrivel like a saltana. When the drinks trolley finally appears you need Singapore dollars OR you can pay in Aussie, but the rate is calculated as if in Singapore which equals $3.50 AU for a teeny tiny 300ml of which we needed many. Pillows and blankets also at cost.
Also, re doing the red eye - not such a good idea since we are both chronic insomniacs. I napped a little.
Travel tip: Pack ear plugs, mask and my latest find a travel pillow - not the inflatable kind - the soft ones with a pocket for adding more bulk.
At Singapore airport they have installed special anti horizontal seating designed for maximum discomfort while trying to sleep.
Travel tip 2: At Singapore Airport the kiddies playground has a lovely recycled tyre rubber safety floor. DIVINE! - until 6am when the kiddies awoke "Toby! I told you dont slide down the fireman's pole or you'll land on the lady!"
9am ish May 2nd:
We negotiated a taxi to our fancy Hotel which was 10 km out of the main town (but it's all town) set on the Marina. It's where all the yachties go but cheap for us since it's nearly the wet season.
After a short kip we spent the afternoon checking out Phuket town and shopping, mostly in a nice airconditioned shopping centre. The equivalent of Myers but the ladies in each section follow you around saying "50 percent discount!" Man we were like a pair of zombies after near zero sleep (plus I had blisters from my new sandals) so it was hard to get really excited. P1000674.jpg
First impression of Thailand: Our automatic response is to compare to Bali. We were surprised that the service is not as good and English is also not so good here with so many tourists. Harder for ordering food - which is why my first lunch included prawns (I have since learned to say "I am allergic to prawns" in Thai) but much better for shopping because they can't continue the conversations beyond your "No thankyou I don't want another pair of thongs"
Mark was quite excited about the water plants all over the hotel and the swordtails in the pots and ponds. For those of you who don't know Mark - be prepared for fishy trivia galore - everything you wanted to know and didn't give two hoots about on the topic of live bearing fish. Mark has spent a good portion of his life working towards a phd on the topic and he is just about to publish a paper on the swordtails I just mentioned.
Pool - Cockatails - Dinner - Sleep - The bed was like a rock but we slept like logs. 9 1/2 hours must be a new record for us.

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WOW Mark. A PhD paper on the swordtails of Phuket Hotels. Who cares as long as you get it. Sounds like you're both having fun.

by TheWandera

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